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Reaching Out Locally

Serving Our Neighbors

Our students, faculty, and staff actively contribute to the local communities Rutgers University–New Brunswick calls home. And our neighbors count on our varied resources to help their families, communities, and businesses thrive. On any given day, Rutgers–New Brunswick people can be found organizing food drives, volunteering at health clinics, tutoring schoolchildren, teaching kids how to swim, and more. Our neighbors can be found engaging in a wide range of activities such as taking dance classes, learning about health and nutrition, discovering how to make their homes or offices more energy efficient, or visiting our museums. We all have a lot to learn when we help others and experience new things.

Rutgers Against Hunger

Rutgers Against HungerJoin Rutgers’ efforts to make a difference in the lives of those suffering from hunger. Across the university, students, faculty, and staff are helping to raise money, collect food for the hungry, and educate citizens about proper nutrition. Learn more.

Garden, Learn—and Volunteer

Rutgers Gardens

Do you love your garden? Then consider joining the Rutgers Master Gardener Program.

You’ll get in-depth training in horticulture from Rutgers experts and have the chance to volunteer at gardening demonstrations, county fairs, and food banks. Learn more.

Tap into Volunteer Opportunities

Seeking to volunteer, but not sure where to look? Student Life at Rutgers–New Brunswick offers a Volunteer Opportunities Database with listings for elder care, mentoring, and other options. Learn more. 

Information for Veterans

Veterans enrolling at Rutgers–New Brunswick can find support and guidance in their transition to college life. Learn more.

Opportunities for Everyone

Whether you’re a first-year student, Ph.D. researcher, or faculty or staff member, Rutgers offers lots of options to bring your skills or expertise to issues ranging from pre-K education to urban entrepreneurship. And if you’re a member of surrounding communities, we’ve got plenty of ways you can benefit from Rutgers programs and resources, from farmers markets to summer camps for kids.

Healthier School Lunches


Rutgers Food Innovation Center, under a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, works to create healthier meals for school cafeterias. The recipes include produce from New Jersey farms and ingredients manufactured by companies in the state.