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Your Life, Your Schedule

Continuing Education at Rutgers–New Brunswick

At Rutgers University–New Brunswick, we’ve got a class for you, from one-day workshops for home gardeners to in-depth certificate programs for nursing professionals—and everything in between. Whether you’re a government official looking for a seminar in capital budgeting or a college student hoping to pick up credits over the summer, you’ll find training and courses available at Rutgers.

Ongoing Medical Training

Maintain your certifications and keep abreast of the latest techniques and developments in your field.

Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences schools offer an extensive range of continuing education programs at locations throughout New Jersey. Learn more.

Online Learning

If you need a flexible schedule, think about taking Rutgers courses over the internet. You won’t have to commute to campus, and you can plan your school work around professional and family obligations.

Degree programs offering online courses include areas such as business, communications, management and labor relations, and nursing. Learn more.

Finding Continuing Education Courses

Looking to explore Rutgers–New Brunswick’s continuing education options? That’s easy. Here’s how:

For Kids, Too!

SPARK Summer Program for Kids

Rutgers’ programs in continuing education aren’t just for adults. A variety of programs are available for children. Our newest offerings are from the Mason Gross School of the Arts Extension Program. You don’t need to be a piano prodigy or an experienced dancer to participate in the programs at the Rutgers’ arts conservatory. Here’s a sampling of options for kids:

Flexible Options for Busy Schedules

At Rutgers, we have continuing education courses to fit the lifestyles of everyone from international business executives to college students juggling jobs over summer and winter breaks. Courses vary widely in their schedules, from certificate programs with class meetings on weekends to enrichment classes for seniors offered during weekday mornings.

What’s more, courses are offered at a variety of locations—and online—in order to accommodate your needs. Continuing education courses are available at the Rutgers–New Brunswick Campus, as well as a number of off-campus locations around New Jersey.

“With online classes, I could do work after the kids went to bed, or before they got up. It was up to me. As a working parent, it was a great fit.”

A Sample of Recent Continuing Ed Offerings

Summer and Winter Sessions

Find the Programs That Work for You

Certificate Programs and Professional Education

The university’s Division of Continuing Studies provides training and certificate programs for experienced professionals, whether you're  aiming to gain new expertise in a variety of fields or keep medical certifications current or looking to earn a certificate in project management or demonstrate your expertise in electronic health records.

Summer and Winter Sessions

Are you a college student looking to fulfill a major requirement or hike your GPA? Are you an area resident hoping to learn about fiction writing or environmental geology? The summer and winter sessions at Rutgers–New Brunswick give you the chance to take a Rutgers course on an intense schedule. Learn more.

Noncredit Courses

A variety of noncredit courses are available for everyone from kids looking for learning options during summer vacation to retired adults hoping to explore topics of interest. Explore the options.

Degree Options

At Rutgers–New Brunswick, you don’t need to be a full-time college student—or just out of high school—in order to pursue an undergraduate degree. The University College Community serves adults who are seeking a degree even as they juggle full-time jobs, families, and other responsibilities.

Executive Education

The Rutgers Center for Management Development helps professionals enhance their skills in areas such as business, human resources, leadership, and management. The center offers a variety of programs, including mini-MBAs, leadership institutes, and on-site corporate training.

Options for Lifelong Learning

No tests, no grades, but lots of learning. That’s the idea behind both the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute and the Senior Citizen Audit Program—two programs with opportunities for seniors.