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The Global Experience

The Global Experience

As a Rutgers University–New Brunswick undergraduate, you will have an academic experience that's global, whether you stay right on campus or travel half a world away. That’s because the campus is a crucible of cultural exchange—located in one of the nation’s most ethnically diverse states; populated by students, faculty, and staff from near and far; hopping with international courses, collaborations, events, and resources; and rich with opportunities to learn, study, and make a difference abroad.

At this crossroads of culture, you will find countless ways to transcend boundaries and become a 21st-century global citizen, prepared to succeed anywhere in the world. How deep and how far you go is up to you.

Language Acquisition

Rutgers offers beginner to advanced courses in a wide range of languages, courses for both students who are starting fresh and those seeking to polish their skills in a “heritage” language.

Akan (Twi)American Sign LanguageArabic (classical and modern) • AramaicArmenianBengaliChineseGerman • Greek (classical and modern) • HebrewHindiHungarianItalianJapaneseKoreanLatinPersian (classical and modern) • PolishPortugueseRussianSanskrit SpanishSwahiliTurkishYoruba

Cosmopolitan New Brunswick

Cosmopolitan New Brunswick

Go global—in New Brunswick. Area restaurants offer the cuisines of the Caribbean, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Korea, Mexico, Vietnam, and more—so get ready for a taste of something new.

And the city’s theater row regularly features musicians, dancers, and theatrical performers from around the world.

Courses and Curricula Prepare Global Citizens

We offer courses, majors, and minors that prepare students to be global citizens. Wade right in to gain knowledge of perspectives from around the world. How about registering for “Economics of the European Union” or “Literatures of Migration, Immigration, and Diaspora”? How about taking a major concentration in international environmental resource policy or a minor concentration in work, globalization, and migration?

School of Arts and Sciences: Global Focus

The School of Arts and Sciences, our largest academic unit, offers a wide variety of programs with an international focus. Ramping up its preparation of tomorrow’s global citizens, the school has introduced a new core curriculum with goals specifically designed to expand your mind beyond the familiar.

Out in the World

A Rutgers–New Brunswick education often takes you places beyond the classroom—way beyond. In the past year, Rutgers students out in the world have explored volcanoes, served as student ambassadors at the Shanghai Expo, and observed the skies and discovered novas. With so many great options, Rutgers encourages you to get out and learn.

Study AbroadStudy Abroad With nearly 100 programs in almost 40 countries, Rutgers Study Abroad can lead you down many paths around the globe. How about Australia, Bolivia, Chile, Morocco, or the Netherlands?

Aresty ResearchAresty Research Rutgers undergraduates have traveled the world to conduct research. Meet a few students who share their recent experiences in Costa Rica, England, France, Nigeria, and Switzerland.

Engineers without BordersEngineers without Borders The Rutgers student chapter of Engineers without Borders is helping to bring fresh water to communities in Guatemala, Kenya, and Thailand.

Rutgers at the GlobeRutgers at the Globe Mason Gross School of the Arts theater majors spend their junior year at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London. Student Tim Giles describes the experience.

I-COOLI-COOL Students at the Rutgers University Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences recently took part in the university’s largest mission to the Antarctic seas. Film students helped edit a documentary on another recent voyage.

Diversity Every Day

We are multicultural 21st-century America in microcosm. Encounters of the cultural kind are routine, and a global sensibility is an intrinsic ingredient of university life and one of our greatest strengths.

  • We are located in New Jersey, the state with the nation’s third-highest percentage of foreign-born residents (U.S. Census Bureau).
  • We rank among America’s top 30 national universities for ethnic diversity (U.S. News & World Report).
  • Our undergraduates come from 70 countries, from Australia to Zimbabwe.
  • Our faculty and staff come from many different ethnic backgrounds and countries.

Organizations and Clubs

Search our vast database and discover dozens of organizations and clubs at Rutgers–New Brunswick with a global flavor, including everything from Amnesty International to the Rutgers Undergraduate Geography Society.

Museums, Cultural Centers, Festivals, and More

Diversity Every DayCatch the international offerings at the New Jersey Film Festival. The spring 2013 schedule featured films made in Arabic, Chinese, English, and Spanish. Check out WRSU’s international radio programs with music from India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, and lots of other countries with names that don’t start with “I”.

Whether it’s an exhibit of pre-Glasnost paintings from Estonia at the Zimmerli Art Museum, a conference on the Latin Literary Imagination sponsored by the Center for Latino Arts and Culture, or dances and songs of the Andes featured at the New Jersey Folk Festival, you can expand your horizons when you tap into arts and culture at Rutgers–New Brunswick.

Living-Learning Communities

At Rutgers–New Brunswick, you’ve got the chance to live in special learning communities devoted to students with interests like yours. How about East Asian culture, human rights, or Middle East coexistence?

Support for International Students

People from all over the world come to study and live in the compact, dynamic state of New Jersey.
Rutgers University–New Brunswick welcomes applications from academically qualified international students.

Those who come to Rutgers–New Brunswick can find a strong network of support to make their transition easier.