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Become an Honors Scholar

Honors Programs at Rutgers–New Brunswick

At Rutgers University–New Brunswick, we provide an intense and rigorous education founded on a strong core of study in the arts and sciences as well as the support for you to take full advantage of the opportunities offered at a large, public research university. So you can take your Rutgers education as far as your own intellect, ambition, and capacity for hard work reach. Have lots of these? Then take advantage of our honors programs for more challenges, more experiences, and more opportunities to analyze problems, ask questions, find solutions, share discoveries, lead, and make a difference in the world.

Honors Seminars

Fusion Art

Dive in deep, and get ready to work. Here’s just a quick sample of the honors seminars School of Arts and Sciences participants have taken:

  • Creating Art and Discovering Science through Visualization in Polynomiography (above)
  • War, Literature, and the Arts in the 20th Century
  • Identity in Ancient Greece: Belonging and Otherness
  • Financial Crises in Historical Perspective
  • Medical Ethics and the Law
  • Antiapartheid and Civil Rights Movements: King and Mandela–Lessons in Leadership
  • Never Heard of Her: Women Writers, Artists, and Intellectuals from the 11th to the 18th Centuries
  • Complementarity in Physics, Biology, and Philosophy

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The Places They’re Going

Members of the School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program, Class of 2013, have bold plans for the future. Here’s a sampling of where they will be in the coming year.

  • Employment: CBS Sports Radio Network, Credit Suisse, Deloitte, Disney, Ernst & Young, Federal Reserve Bank, Genewiz Inc., Google, Moody’s, 1010 WINS Radio
  • Graduate School: Carnegie Mellon, Columbia, Dartmouth, Emory, Pepperdine, Rutgers, University of Pennsylvania
  • Dental School: Rutgers School of Dental Medicine
  • Medical School: New Jersey Medical School, New York Medical College, New York University School of Medicine, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
  • Law School: Georgetown University, University of Virginia
  • Continuing Research: HIV, Neuroscience
  • Teaching English in: France, South Korea, Turkey

Why Participate?

In the midst of a large, dynamic research university, our honors programs create small communities of individualized attention, close-knit peer groups, and lots of interaction with professors and advisers.

In addition to challenging seminars and courses, honors undergraduates participate in

  • peer mentoring programs;
  • research opportunities;
  • internships and co-ops;
  • special housing options;
  • extensive personal advising; and
  • social and cultural events.

How to Join

Before coming to campus, an outstanding admitted first-year student may receive an invitation to join an honors program. Transfer and other current students can submit credentials for consideration.

Honors by School

For details on the process, take a look at the four undergraduate schools that have formal honors programs in place.

Honors by Department

Many Rutgers academic departments also offer honors tracks of study. Seek out and discuss your options with the department chair.

Qualifying students also have the option of completing an honors thesis or senior honors thesis, which are entirely research-focused. Economics and English are two examples. Each department has its own requirements and deadlines for honors tracks and theses, so students are strongly urged to consult with a departmental adviser as soon as possible. Also check out the School of Arts and Sciences’ general information on senior honors theses.

Honors Housing

In honors housing, you live with other students who share your passion for learning, gain tips and insights into Rutgers from upperclassmen, and participate in special programs, trips, and events.

  • The School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program recommends that all first-year honors students choose the honors residential option. Honors housing is available on Busch, College Avenue, Douglass, and Livingston campuses.
  • Students in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences honors program have the option of living with other honors students on a designated floor of Nicholas Hall on the G.H. Cook Campus.
  • Incoming members of the School of Engineering have the opportunity to live in a first-year engineering residence hall on Busch Campus. A special section of the engineering community is also designated as a School of Engineering honors floor.
  • Students in honors housing at Douglass Residential College, a distinct community focused on women’s development, can apply for special funding for their research projects.

Learn about special housing programs.