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Information for Business & Government

Working with the private and public sectors, we grow the economy and help keep government efficient, responsive, and well informed. Explore these resources for business and industry and for municipal, state, and national government.

Doing Business with Rutgers

These resources assist vendors interested in establishing businesses relationships with Rutgers University–New Brunswick and the larger university.

Library and Information Resources

Businesses can access databases, reference books, and internet resources at the Rutgers libraries in New Brunswick. Learn more.

  • The Alexander Library has strong United States, foreign, and international documents collections
  • The Kilmer Library, serving Rutgers Business School, has broad-based resources
  • The School of Management and Labor Relations Library focuses on industrial relations

University Inn & Conference Center

Rutgers and non-Rutgers groups can book meetings of all kinds at the University Inn & Conference Centera retreat-style facility. Nestled on 21 beautiful wooded acres on the Douglass Campus, the center offers the ideal setting for training seminars, overnight staff retreats, or meetings. Learn more.

Rutgers Experts at Your Organizational Function

Tap into the expertise of our community of scholars and professionals by contacting the Rutgers Speakers Bureau. Learn more.

Eagleton's Rich History

Eagleton Institute

Housed in Wood Lawn, a gracious 1830s mansion, the Eagleton Institute of Politics was established in 1956 with a bequest from Florence Peshine Eagleton, a suffragist and founder of New Jersey’s League of Women Voters. Since 1980, the institute has brought distinguished politicians to Rutgers through the Clifford P. Case Professorship of Public Affairs. Past Case Professors include:

  • Gerald R. Ford (1983)
  • Edmund S. Muskie (1985)
  • Walter F. Mondale (1987)
  • J. William Fulbright (1988)
  • Nancy Kassebaum (1989)
  • Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neill Jr. (1991)
  • Barbara B. Conable Jr. (1992)
  • William J. Hughes (1997)
  • Alan Simpson (1999)
  • Thomas H. Kean (2005)
  • Paul S. Sarbanes (2008)
  • Chuck Hagel (2010)
  • Lee H. Hamilton (2011)

Information for Business and Industry

Workforce Preparation, Workforce Trends

Rutgers University–New Brunswick’s most essential service is providing the educated workforce New Jersey and the nation need to stay ahead.

Top-Notch Researchers, Centers, and Reports

Our faculty, staff, and student expertise makes Rutgers–New Brunswick a one-stop shop for nearly any potential research sponsor.

Agriculture, Aquaculture, and Green Business

The Rutgers–New Brunswick-based New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station (NJAES) has information, research, workshops, and experts to keep agricultural and marine businesses on top economically and attuned environmentally.

Rutgers Business School/School of Management and Labor Relations

Rutgers Business School–Newark and New Brunswick (RBS) and the School of Management and Labor Relations (SMLR) each offer a full range of academic, research, business consulting, and community outreach services.

Build Your Workforce

Looking to Hire Rutgers Grads or Interns?

Rutgers graduates are prepared to take on the world. And employers are wise to hire them. If you’re a recruiter seeking top-notch talent, contact Rutgers–New Brunswick Career Services to publicize jobs and internships and meet the students and alumni who can move your organization forward.

Information for Government

Eagleton Institute of Politics

The Eagleton Institute of Politics conducts research, educates students, and informs policymakers and the public on American and New Jersey politics and government. Areas of interest include New Jersey politics, women in politics, youth in politics, polls/surveys, immigration, governors, ethics, and climate change.

Edward J. Boustein School of Planning and Public Policy

The Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy provides education, research, and community outreach in many areas where the public and private sectors intersect. Faculty have expertise in land use, political processes, public health, employment and social policy, human services, transportation policy and planning, housing and real estate, urban redevelopment, and regional development and planning.

Effective Local and State Government

The Center for Government Services provides research, continuing education, and technical assistance to elected and appointed officials at the local, county, and statewide levels. More than 900 continuing education courses and seminars are offered annually, with yearly enrollments of more than 16,000 participants. Topics include tax assessment, code enforcement, lead abatement, educational facility management, public purchasing, public safety, and others. Working closely with the Center for Government Services is the Center for Executive Leadership in Government, which is dedicated to strengthening the leadership capacity of individuals who are responsible for delivering public and nonprofit programs.

Policy Leadership

These centers and programs in specific areas help government and policymakers make sound decisions.