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Business & Industry Research Resources

Rutgers University–New Brunswick research keeps business and industry humming in the Garden State and beyond. It’s all about helping businesses get to the next level by connecting them with knowledgeable faculty, staff, and students.

Smart Package

In a revived specialty major, students learn how to design packages and the machines that produce them. More than 30 undergraduates this year have declared packaging engineering their major. Learn more.

Rutgers Food Innovation Center


Rutgers offers ideas and aid for those interested in starting or partnering in the food industry. Lou Cooperhouse, then director of the Rutgers Food Innovation Center, talks about opportunities with Rutgers’ student-run RU-tv.

Rutgers Technology You Can Take to Market

Rutgers University–New Brunswick is an economic engine for New Jersey, helping business and industry advance specific goals and creating exciting inventions that the private sector can license and market to improve life in many areas. If you’re looking for the next “big thing,” explore technologies in biomedicine, IT, engineering, and agriculture that Rutgers has available for technology transfer.

Rutgers Experts at Your Corporate Function

Tap into the expertise of our community of scholars and professionals by contacting the Rutgers Speakers Bureau. Learn more.

Many Ways to Connect with Researchers

At Rutgers–New Brunswick, we welcome fruitful research relationships with business and industry. Here’s how we can help:

  • Provide opportunities to sponsor research
  • Collaborate with the public and private sectors to grow targeted business sectors
  • Produce nonbiased studies to help companies make strategic decisions
  • Conduct advanced research sponsored by the private sector, foundations, and government
  • Make the latest inventions available for licensure and marketing through technology commercialization

Working with Rutgers: Where to Get Started

Sponsored research is any research conducted at Rutgers–New Brunswick that is supported by an external funding body, such as a private corporation, foundation, or government agency. Our faculty, staff, and student expertise makes Rutgers–New Brunswick a one-stop shop for nearly any potential research sponsor. 

Explore Rutgers–New Brunswick's research centers and institutes. Start making connections through these offices:

With our top-notch people and New Jersey’s most extensive network of research laboratories and facilities, we can boost your company’s R&D.

  • World-class faculty
  • Specialized high-tech equipment and techniques
  • Effective basic and applied research and consulting services
  • Low transaction costs
  • Rapid turnaround

What’s Next for New Jersey’s Labor, Management, and Workforce

John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce DevelopmentResearch-driven data helps business and industry anticipate and plan for the future. The labor and workforce schools, centers, and institutes below provide business and industry with empirically based studies of workforce, labor, and management trends and issues.

Center and Laboratory Industrial Memberships

Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science

Many centers have industrial advisory, sponsor, and member boards that benefit both Rutgers–New Brunswick and the business community. Weigh the benefits and consider a role: access to a shared pool of research data, specialized R&D equipment, and labs at competitive rates; visiting scientist options; and close communication with faculty and students whose research is ahead of the curve.

Below is a sampling of Rutgers–New Brunswick research entities with industrial advisory boards, memberships, or sponsorships.

A Go-To Resource for Objective Economic Analysis

Rutgers–New Brunswick provides research-based information on labor, management, and workforce concerns, and produces New Jersey’s most highly regarded objective research reports on the state of the regional and national economy—vital information for business and industry decision-makers.

Additional Resources

Explore Rutgers University–New Brunswick’s complete range of services for business and industry.

  • Small business assistance
  • Workforce development
  • Continuing and professional education
  • Labor, management, and workforce issues and practices
  • Reports on regional and national economic trends
  • Doing business with Rutgers
  • Rutgers Business School–Newark and New Brunswick