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Research at Rutgers–New Brunswick

A Stronger Rutgers

Old Queens

Rutgers has stood among the United States' leading institutions of higher learning for more than two centuries. Now, with the recent addition of seven renown health sciences schools and a number of clinics, centers, and institutes we're even stronger.

This grand integration creates an academic dynamism that translates into better lives for the people we serve as The State University of New Jersey. Learn more.

Discovering How Coral Make Their Skeletons

Jeana Drake, left and Tali Mass

Researcher Tali Mass and her colleagues at the Rutgers Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences show that specific proteins produced by corals can form limestones in test tubes.  Learn  more.

Research Heft at Rutgers–New Brunswick

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, contains the state’s most extensive network of laboratories, research facilities, and health service centers and Rutgers University–New Brunswick is one of only 62 universities in the Association of American Universities, a group comprising North America’s leading research universities. Just how big is our reach?

  • 36 Rutgers University–New Brunswick faculty are members of the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, and the Institute of Medicine, America’s top experts on critical national issues.
  • $362 million in externally sponsored research grants and contracts were logged at Rutgers–New Brunswick in fiscal year 2012, accounting for 91 percent of sponsored research at Rutgers University.
  • 175-plus centers and institutes at the Rutgers–New Brunswick Campus target a range of issues.

As New Jersey’s premier public academic research powerhouse, Rutgers University–New Brunswick creates knowledge, fuels economic progress, and improves lives in our state and beyond.


Out Ahead

Whether it’s a question for our times—health care, preschool education, cancer prevention, clean energy—or a question for the ages—the origins of the universe, the biochemistry of love, the lives of early humans—researchers at Rutgers University–New Brunswick are pursuing answers and pushing boundaries.

Their findings make waves within the academic community and have influence in communities down the block and around the world. The pursuits of top faculty and their teams define us as a research university and elevate us to the realm of the explorers, the trailblazers, the discoverers.

Calling All Hypothesizers

Are you an undergraduate? A graduate student? A faculty member? A staff member? A business owner? A public official? Someone with a great research question? Our stellar faculty will partner with you, as together you seek answers and move humanity forward. Thinkers thrive here.

It’s different at a research university. You don’t just learn about theories and discoveries in the classroom. Undergraduates will find plenty of opportunities at Rutgers–New Brunswick to work shoulder-to-shoulder with groundbreaking faculty as they postulate new theories and make discoveries.

As a public research university, Rutgers places graduate student research at the very core of our mission. The breadth and quality of Rutgers’ research and faculty draw graduate and professional students to Rutgers–New Brunswick from around the globe.

More than 175 centers and institutes cover diverse interests across disciplines. Many are top-flight national and international hotbeds of innovation.

The right resources help big-thinking faculty and staff tackle a host of research questions and drive Rutgers–New Brunswick’s success in research.

Rutgers University–New Brunswick is a research wellspring for business and industry. Bring us your ideas and see how we can help develop them or find out about technologies we’ve developed that you can take to market.