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Eat, Sleep & Feel at Home

Campus Housing & Dining

With its five campuses, Rutgers University–New Brunswick offers an eclectic variety of options for student housing and dining. You can grab a burger or sushi at a student center, or you can head to the salad bar or grill at a dining hall; you can live in an apartment in downtown New Brunswick or a residence hall with river views. Each campus offers a distinct experience, with choices ranging from large, lively residence halls to small, intimate houses. Wherever you live, you’ll be a short walk or bus ride from the dining halls, cafes, library, sports fields, and classes.

Options for Off-Campus Living

Looking for resources and assistance with off-campus housing? We’ve got it. The Off-Campus Housing Service will help you find housing, or a roommate, and sort through issues involved in renting, such as leases.

The Role of the RA (Resident Assistant)

Living on campus isn’t just about convenience—it’s also about support.

In your residence hall, you’ll find Resident Assistants (RAs)—upper-class students handpicked and trained to help you through any rough spots. These in-residence peers can answer your questions, address your concerns, or refer you to the right university resource to handle any issue. They know the Rutgers routine—and are eager to share their experience. Learn more.

Tradition and Camaraderie

Looking for tradition in your housing? The first fraternity at Rutgers opened its doors in 1845. Now the campus has more than 70 fraternities and sororities, and you can live in a chapter house as early as your second semester. Learn more.

5.6 million meals—wow!

Neilson Dining Hall

How much do the Rutgers–New Brunswick dining halls serve in a year?

  • Total meals: 5,595,794
  • Pizza slices: 968,928
  • French fries: 564,870 lbs.
  • Chicken nuggets: 70,470 lbs.
  • American cheese (sliced): 44,320 lbs.
  • Mozzarella cheese (shredded): 124,126 lbs.
  • Cereal: 1,238,237 lbs.
  • Vanilla ice cream: 12,264 gals.
Rutgers Club Hosts Student Nights

For a meal swipe and just $2 more, Rutgers students can get an elegant meal at the Rutgers Club.

Answers from RU-info


Need help with bus routes? Want to find library hours? RU-info’s student staff members know Rutgers inside out, and they can answer your questions and direct you to resources for everything from course registration to student clubs. Call 732-445-INFO, ask a question via email, or engage in an instant-messaging chat.

Vast Options and a Vibrant Community

Living on campus means experiencing the Rutgers community—studying for exams alongside your roommates, sharing late-night munchies in the lounge, and participating in events planned by friends down the hall. Whatever the time of day, you’ll find yourself sharing the ups and downs of college life with a close-knit community.

Housing Resources and Help

Housing and Residence Life
Whether you’re a first-year student, a junior contemplating your housing options, or a graduate student, Housing and Residence Life provides the resources to help you find housing at Rutgers–New Brunswick, including details on housing applications and the housing lottery.

Residence Halls

Suites for upperclass students with a shared kitchen and living room. Residence halls within an easy walk to downtown New Brunswick. Rutgers operates the second largest housing program in the country, which gives you lots of choices for where to live.

Living on campus is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to focus your energies on learning, growing, and sharing with friends this amazing period of your life—your college years.

Living-Learning Communities and Special-Interest Housing

At Rutgers–New Brunswick, you’ve got the chance to live in special housing devoted to students with interests like yours, whether you’re into East Asian culture, engineering, or anything in between.

Where to Eat: The Choice Is Yours

No matter what your situation, whether you’re a first-year student wondering about meal plans or a graduate student on the prowl for a late-night snack, Rutgers–New Brunswick delivers with a bounty of choices when you’re looking for a meal (or just to satisfy the munchies).

Dining Resources and Help

Meal Plans
At Rutgers–New Brunswick, meal plans operate on a “block plan” format—you select the number of meals you anticipate using for the semester. Meal plans are nontransferable, but you may use up to 10 of your meals for guests.

RU Express
With the RU Express card, you can buy meals at both on-campus and off-campus locations.

Dining Services
Did you know Dining Services at Rutgers is the third largest student dining operation in the country? Yep, it is. Learn more about an operation responsible for feeding Rutgers–New Brunswick’s five campuses.

Dining Halls, Cafes, and Convenience Stores

Wondering where to eat on a particular Rutgers–New Brunswick campus? Explore the options, from fast-food joints at student centers to full-service dining halls.