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Make the Most of Your College Life

Experience Rutgers–New Brunswick

The Rutgers University–New Brunswick student experience is all about growing—intellectually, individually, interpersonally, inspirationally. From mastering the mundane—getting yourself fed or figuring out bus routes—to experiencing the profound—changing a life when you become a local kid’s Big Buddy—your time spent outside the classroom at Rutgers–New Brunswick makes you a well-rounded and more capable individual.

Join, Learn, Play—and Connect

The campus teems with activities and ways to connect with fellow students, faculty, and the community. So step outside the classroom, your front door, yourself—and discover what it is to fully experience Rutgers–New Brunswick.

To get you up and running, you’ll need to know the basics. What are the options for housing? Where’s the library? What sort of student IDs do you need? Where can you grab a bite to eat? Get the scoop on daily living at Rutgers–New Brunswick: transportation, health services, news sources, computing assistance, where to get help, and more.

There’s a world of ideas out there to make your own—on your own time—and Rutgers–New Brunswick wants you to dive in and explore. Take a Byrne First-Year Seminar and dabble in something totally new, join a professional society and get insider perspectives, ask a Pulitzer Prize-winning author a question.

Carpe diem! Seize the day! And make every day count as you join in, sign on, and shake things up. Clubs, recreation, volunteer organizations, student government, student media, and more thrive at Rutgers–New Brunswick—and they all want your energy, enthusiasm, and great ideas. Go ahead. Get involved!

Choose from hundreds of classes offered by Rutgers–New Brunswick Recreation or just find some friends for a pick-up game of soccer, cricket, basketball—you name it. Check out club sports, intramurals, and personal training, too! And when it’s time to join “R” house and cheer on the Division I Scarlet Knights, you’ll find sports played at the highest intercollegiate levels.

Rutgers–New Brunswick is a cultural mecca. People come from around the region to experience our museums, plays, opera, choirs, symphony, quartets, dance, art installations, and film festivals. And lucky you: all of this is happening right on campus. Whether you watch or make it happen, our arts and culture offerings can take you to new heights.

Stroll along a 19th-century canal path. See an award-winning play. Savor cuisines from around the world. Visit a restored colonial village. Sip a sumptuous latte. Catch the train to New York or Philly. New Brunswick is in the center of central New Jersey—and our strategic location is why there is so much to do here. Discover “the Hub City” and its surrounding communities.