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Involvement Fairs


Held every fall and spring, Involvement Fairs are a great way to learn more about hundreds of student organizations and dozens of fraternities and sororities. Rutgers University–New Brunswick wants you to get involved! Learn more.

Scarlet Knights Rah! Recreation Wow!

Club Sports

Want to go scuba diving? Kick around a ball? Head out for a hike? How about a class in salsa or yoga? Choose from hundreds of classes offered by Rutgers–New Brunswick Recreation or just find some friends for a pick-up game of soccer, cricket, basketball, frisbee—you name it. Check out club sports, intramurals, and personal training, too!

And when it’s time to join “R” house and cheer on the Rutgers–New Brunswick Division I Scarlet Knights, you’ll find your favorite spectator sports played at the highest intercollegiate levels. Come out and yell your head off for your team. And don’t forget to wear red!

Student Centers: Where the Action Is

Rutgers University–New Brunswick’s six student centers are where many student organizations are located and where many events are held. They are also great places to study, grab a bite to eat, and just hang out.

Get Even Smarter

Learn how to get even smarter by exploring activities and programming that keep the life of the mind in mind.

Graduate Student Association

Are you a graduate student looking to join a club—or start one? The Graduate Student Association manages financial support for nearly 100 graduate student organizations and also advocates for graduate students.

Morning, noon, and night, there are countless ways at Rutgers University–New Brunswick to satisfy your need to join in and do something. Maybe you want to see a play. Or maybe you want to direct the play. Maybe you want to donate groceries to a food pantry. Or maybe you want to organize the food drive. Whatever your interests and however much you want to engage, you will find endless opportunities at Rutgers–New Brunswick to have fun, try something new, meet new people, stretch your limits, and discover more about yourself and the world around you.


We Want You!

Explore the many ways to join in at Rutgers–New Brunswick. There are clubs to join (or run), community service to perform, performances to watch—you name it. Make friends and make memories as you make the most of your time here.

Office of Student Life

Get Involved

Get Involved! is the Office of Student Life’s jam-packed, go-to resource for student activities at Rutgers–New Brunswick.

Search our vast database and discover the more than 400 organizations and clubs at Rutgers–New Brunswick, including everything from Amnesty International to the Underground Gaming Society.

They’ve been at Rutgers–New Brunswick for more than 165 years. Join a fraternity or sorority and make lifelong friends, do good works, and have fun.

Concerts. Comedy. Coffee breaks. How about a giant game of Manhunt? Comedy night with Margaret Cho? There is always something happening. The Rutgers University Programming Association runs many events.

Join the team that makes an organization tick and you’ll gain skills that will serve you throughout your lifetime. We’ll teach you how to be an effective and responsible leader.

Volunteering helps people, makes you feel good, and provides important life skills. Our community service database can help you find local volunteer happenings and even track your volunteer hours. Search for service organizations by choosing the Community Service or Social Action/Political category. Volunteer down the street, throughout New Jersey, across the nation, and around the world.


“During Dance Marathon 2010, I danced for 32 hours. [The child we were sponsoring] was unable to make it on stage. At the end, I was reminded why I stood on my two feet for all that time … because she couldn’t.”

—Elysha Padilla, School of Arts and Sciences, Class of ’12

Work on Campus

Earn money, gain valuable experience, and have fun by working for Rutgers. Student employment is available through the Federal Work Study Program and through direct hiring by departments and administrative units such as Student Life.

Be a Part of Student Media

Gain professional experience and keep the Rutgers–New Brunswick community informed and entertained while working for student media, including newspapers, TV, radio stations, literary journals, and more.

Five Big Events

Drawing together hundreds and even thousands of people for a singular experience, these five annual events have an energy that courses through Rutgers University–New Brunswick.

Charity Bed Race

1. At the Charity Bed Race, teams race down College Avenue on decorated beds during Homecoming. Student organizations, fraternities, sororities, and residence hall and alumni groups compete and the winning team donates a cash prize to the charity of its choice.

Involvement Fairs

2. Involvement Fairs are a great way to learn more about hundreds of student organizations and dozens of fraternities and sororities. Get involved!

Scarlet Knights Football

3. The Scarlet Knights Football Homecoming game is the biggest party in town. At the annual fall event, thousands of fans tailgate and cheer on the team at High Point Solutions Stadium. R U Rah Rah!

Rutgers University Dance Marathon

4. Raise more than $600,000 each year to help sick kids with the Rutgers University Dance Marathon. You and hundreds of others will keep your toes tapping and your bodies swaying for more than 32 hours straight!

Rutgers Day

5. Rutgers Day attracts more than 75,000 visitors. This annual spring event is when we share Rutgers with New Jersey and beyond. You can just show up and have a good time; run an event for your club, school, or department; or volunteer to help keep the amazing day running smoothly.