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Stay Awhile

Lodging & Dining for Visitors

There are great places to stay and great places to dine in New Brunswick and its surrounding communities. Will you be staying overnight or for a week or more? Do you just have time for a quick bite or is an evening of sumptuous feasting in your plans? Whatever your budgetary, scheduling, and culinary requirements, the greater New Brunswick region has lodging and dining options to meet your needs.

Rutgers University Inn & Conference Center

Continuing Studies Conference Center

The Rutgers University Inn and Conference Center on the Douglass Campus is the perfect retreat for today’s travelers. The inn offers delightful guest rooms with beautiful wood lawn views, complimentary parking and distraction-free meeting space. Learn more.

A Gorgeous Space

Livingston Campus Plaza at dusk

The Plaza at Livingston Campus is open for business to everyone—not just students! Grab a bite, catch a first-run film, even do a quick bit of shopping. Learn more.


On Campus

Whether you're visiting for your college reunion, a local family event, or a campus tour, a comfortable stay awaits at the Rutgers University Inn and Conference Center on the Douglass Campus.

New Brunswick and Piscataway Hotels

Most of the Rutgers University–New Brunswick Campus is located in the city of New Brunswick and the town of Piscataway.

Other Nearby Hotels

Hotels in these nearby towns also offer easy access to Rutgers–New Brunswick.

Restaurants and Eateries

New Brunswick Restaurants and Eateries

New Brunswick is a food mecca. From simple and fabulous international fast foods to some of the most celebrated fine dining establishments in New Jersey, the city can satisfy your gastronomic desires, whatever your mood and budget.

Other Nearby Restaurants and Eateries

Nearby Highland Park is known for its specialty dining, dessert shops, ice-cream parlors, and wifi-equipped cafés.

On-Campus Dining

Staying on campus to eat? From the concession stand at the Rutgers Golf Course to the great Livingston Plaza restaurants, you’ll find lots of choices on this list of dining options that accept cash (all locations), credit cards (most locations, except student dining halls), and RU Express meal cards (all locations). In addition, the list includes off-campus eateries and restaurants that accept cash, credit cards, and the RU Express card.